Five days in Vienna left me excited to get out and change the scenery. We hopped on a bus to Prague, and were greeted with a massive billboard full of naked ladies waiting for us at the border. So that’s how this trip is gonna be, hmmm? Haha.


The Czech Republic looked beautiful from my perch in the bus, and our hostel was pretty cool once we arrived. My bunk bed was the third tier, which made for some interesting climbing! Have to take it easy on the drinking, which is difficult in a country where beer is literally cheaper than water.

Happy place? Yup.


The old city of Prague is filled with more churches and the few Christmas markets that are still up and running. Am realizing that parts of Europe really cash in on the idea of public restrooms, and that I would rather find a bush than pay someone so that I can relieve a perfectly natural bodily need. Taking advantage of me in a vulnerable state? Not worth a euro, although I am okay with providing my own toilet paper.

Moving on.

We headed out to a town called Kutna Hora, which has the dubious honor of having a church full of bones as its major tourist attraction.

Grim? Maybe. Kinda cool? Totally.

Kutna Hora was a lovely little village, minus the 40,000 or so dead people inside the tiny little church. We headed further into the town to see another cathedral (theme) and walk around a bit before heading back to Prague.

I would have loved to spend more time in the Czech Republic- I really liked it, the food was delicious, and there was a ton of history there without being overwhelmingly European, if that makes any sense. I enjoyed the laid back, blunt nature of people, the smoky cafes, the streets and the fact that I saw a stripper order a kabob in her full stripper gear before ducking back in through a dark doorway.

Prague was weird… and I loved it!

Back to Belfast for my last week. I have to pack up my apartment, say goodbye to friends, and leave this city that I’ve really come to enjoy living in over the last 15 months. And drink. There will be a lot of that, too.

Next stop: Morocco!




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