Travel Throwback: Germany

My friend is a real adult and had a job interview the next day, so she went to bed shortly after she arrived. I guess I have to be social.

An Australian girl in my hostel room took me under her wing and we, like mature people, played drinking games with other hostel mates well into the evening. It was then decided that we would go find a bar that had been recommended earlier in the day, called Downtown. Downtown was indeed located somewhere near downtown Nuremberg, although I had no sense of the city and no sense of direction at this point in time. Oh well!

Downtown was a classic bar, grimy and gritty and grungy in all the right ways. Velvet, tiger striped fabric covered the walls which contained a narrow bar with just a few tables, crowded with Germans and now us. We got beers (delightfully cheap and actually good, because Germany) and shot the shit. We gradually took in the decor of the place which was, in a phrase, porno-chic. No really- this place had Playboy centerfolds (in frames!) gracing the walls.


It was decided that this place wasn’t quite fitting the mood of the group, so we moved on to another dance club which was smoky and dense and filled with German teenagers whipping out their best dance moves to the beat of some electro-nonsense called music. I usually don’t go for the club scene, but that’s because I’m boring. But not today!

Long-ish story short, I danced till 4am, got felt up in a museum parking lot (like a lady), and put myself to bed.

Good start, Nuremberg!

Day two dawned hungover and much in need of caffeine. My friend was off being a real adult and had a job interview, so I leisurely meandered my way around town exploring the Christmas markets and seeing things with fresh eyes and by the light of day.

I can now officially say I’ve been slightly hungover in Germany, and survived a night dancing in the only pair of shoes I currently own- my big, blue, clunky hiking boots. Fashionable and versatile!

Fresh air and caffeine have proven to be successful hangover cures in the past, so I dipped by a local café and meandered my way around the delightfully quaint town of Nuremberg. It was small, so finding the major things you have to see was pretty easy.


There was a castle, and you know how much I love castles! The panorama of the city was amazing, and the day was sunny and clear. I also caught the hourly bell clanging from one of the (many) local cathedrals, which featured slightly terrifying wooden figurines trotting out of the clock and playing little robotic instruments.




All around Nuremberg were Christmas markets with all sorts of delicious things to eat and drink. Mulled wine is a favorite, as are pretzels the size of your face that are perfectly fluffy and dense all at the same time. Needless to say, I had a few over the course of our Nuremberg days.

We wandered around the markets some more and scored some delicious Lebanese food. I miss good Middle Eastern food on an unfortunately regular basis, so this hit the spot.
We walked to the Nazi party rallying grounds outside of the city, which were colossal. One building, which now houses the museum, looked like an imitation of the Colosseum in Rome which I’m sure was the original intention. That building was just one small part of the rallying grounds which at one point had a sports stadium, a 2km long parade route, camping grounds, a blimp landing field and more. Crazy.


Next stop: Salzburg!


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