Why hello there.

Hello, and welcome to the rabbit hole that is my blog, life, and brain. We’re all mad here!

This blog and the stories contained herein are the product of an underemployed, postgraduate life at one point deeply involved in trying to obtain a job, and when met with failure the classic utterance of ‘fuck it’ was made and the buying of plane tickets commenced. I am now what could be considered a bum, albeit one with a few writing gigs to keep up with to  maintain a sense of financial stability. Hiya, poverty line!

I slightly upgraded my couchsurfing ways to a tent on the side of a mountain in Spain, so… no complaints here!

Well, a few complaints. How else would I fill up this blog?

Back story: I first thought about starting this little project a few months ago when I was in the midst of writing my Master’s dissertation which, of course, prompted a lot of procrastinating in the form of Netflix and thinking of ways to complain about my fairly good life on the Internet. I was pretty down in the dumps about my academic career and my future- still am, but you know how it goes.

I haven’t had a very good attitude about life lately, mostly because it seems like all the opportunities people say are out there aren’t actually there. Or, I’m looking in the wrong places (the tent in Spain may indicate that to the astute reader). Either way, I tried to find a job and couldn’t find a job and was rejected by all employers in many different forms. Snail mail. Email. Phone calls. Smoke signals. Morse code.

So I did what any other person with a passport and itchy feet does- I bought plane tickets. Croatia, France, Italy, Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic, Morocco, and Spain have all occurred in the time since I shoved my shoddy dissertation into the hands of the psychology department at my university in Northern Ireland. At that stage I was optimistic about my employment options within the rainy UK, but with each rejection that optimism faded and my eyes turned farther afield. As it turns out, work visas are hard to come by in the world for a gal who doesn’t feel like working in her home nation and whose job could theoretically be done by a somewhat talented monkey with a penchant for banging away at a keyboard for hours on end.

Travel is exceedingly more appealing, anyway.


That’s the gist of the story for now. I’ll take you back to some of my previous adventures that weren’t covered in my last blog(s) and eventually we’ll catch up to the present day (the present day being a mountain in Spain where a thunderstorm is thoroughly amusing me).

History, for those who wonder why I am the way I am:

Not Lost! On an Adventure– the stories of my first bits of international living and subsequent cultural angst;


Caffeinated Wanderings– where I try to be a normal person with a job and we all know that doesn’t work out so I buy one way plane tickets and get into lots of debt by going to graduate school.



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